Check out the general features of our reward crowdfunding platform software.

Delivering premium quality, cost-effective technology enabled ideas is what we do. We treat every project as if it were our own, we engineer it precisely, and we will launch it with you.

More Details

Responsive Design

Bootstrap design optimized to be able to use from multiple platforms.


Captcha enabled signup form to prevent fake, automated/bot signups to keep away spams.

Invite Friends

Invite friends from social media account i.e Facebook

User Follow

User ability to follow each other to grow friends and community on platform.


User ability to keep updated with account activities alerts.

Campaign Follow

User ability to follow favorite campaigns to get updated with campaign activities.

Newsletter System

Easy to use news letter system to get in touch with users.

Knowledge Base

Professionally designed and managed knowledge base/help center to help users to understand platform features.

Email Notification

User ability to enable/disable email notifications based on different campaigns, user and ownership levels.

Progress Meter

Crowdfunding progress meter for each campaign to get an overview of campaign at first glance.

Featured Projects

Ability to feature projects along with static banner images in same slider on home page.

Secure Platform

Secure and multi-layer platform to prevent hacks, SQL injections and other vulnerabilities.

Payment Gateway

Secure and multiple payment gateway integration i.e Paypal adaptive, Stripe and Wallet.