User Features

Over the years our software has helped companies raise millions of dollars to date. We have proprietary Compliance EngineĀ® technology that enables our clients to launch their own funding websites.

Check out the campaign owner's features of our reward crowdfunding platform software.

Delivering premium quality, cost-effective technology enabled ideas is what we do. We treat every project as if it were our own, we engineer it precisely, and we will launch it with you.

Unlimited Campaigns

User ability to create unlimited campaigns. Campaigns will go live only after admin approval.

Payment Gateway

User ability to choose and verify his/her payment gateway/bank account to get funds in the end of campaign.

Multi Currency

User ability to create campaign in currency supported by country he/she living in. .

Campaign Dashboard

Campaign dashboard with all controllers required to manage campaign with easy to use interface. .

Google Analytics

Ability to integrate Google analytic code in campaign to keep track of nature and geo location of visitors.

Secure Encryption

Password is stored with MD5 encryption so no one can have access to password.

Perk Management

Perk & Shipping management system to enhance campaign to attract more investors.

Secure Platform

Secure platform to upload personal information, documents and other profile information which will be visible to admin only.

Campaign Updates

User ability to announce campaign updates with easy to use option.

Embed Code

User ability to copy and paste campaign code to embed on his/her website or blog.

Team Management

User ability to manage team with ability to give appropriate title/designation and editor permissions.

Get Social

User ability to share campaign over social networking website easily to get maximum social attention.

Censor Comments

User ability to moderate, approve, deny comments manually before they go live on his/her campaign page.

Media Gallery

User ability to manage media gallery with photos and videos with ability to keep them public or private.